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Wee Sian Kah (Bukit Brown)

Mr Wee Sian Kah and Madam Tan Quee Kee
Wee Sian Kah is the stevedore of Messrs K.P.M .When he passed away at the age of 62 on May 22, 1940 at his residence in no 51 Amoy Street. He is survived by his sons, Wee Eng Wah, Wee Eng Kwee, Wee Eng Watt, Wee Eng Chye, Wee Eng Hong, Wee Eng Hian, Wee Eng Kee, Wee Eng Kim, Wee Eng Kiat, Wee Eng Khiam, Wee Eng Siong and Wee Hian Eng, daughters; Wee Hong Neo, Wee Leng Neo, Wee Siew Neo, Wee Ai Neo, Wee Geok Luan, Wee Geok Eng, 2 son-in-laws; Koh Pheow Wah and Chua Choon Lye; 6 daughter-in-laws.

Wee Sian Kah had 3 wives/widows; Madam Lim Ang Khee, Madam Tan Ah Soo and  Madam Teo Choon Hua listed in the papers. However, beside him is Madam Tan Quee Kee who passed away at the age of 85 on September 8, 1965. So Mr Wee Sian Kah had 4 wives or maybe more.

Beautiful tomb crest of  Mr and Mrs Wee Sian Kah 
Tomb of Mr and Mrs Wee Sian Kah 
Courtyard with benches 
Mr Wee Eng Hong, the 5th son of Mr and Mrs Wee Sian Kah married Miss Kam Suan Choo, youngest daughter of Mr Kam Yam Seng. The were married in October 1937. 

Wee Eng Hong and Kam Suan Choo

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