Sunday, March 10, 2013


We make memories everyday in the things we do. Some memories, we want to forget as fast as possible and for others, we will like to hold on for many many more years to come. Some are stored as a photograph or video we take, others in print in the book or blog article we write. This memories can also be memories "stored" by other people, for example our parents, our loved ones, our children and/or our friends.

Who are we also creating this memories for? For most of us is the simple memories of our parents, our love ones and our children and vice versa their simple and nice memories of us. Most of us do not even dare dream of great lofty, contributions to society or start thinking of a good legacy we want to leave behind.

In our busy work life, we don't pay much attention to this, but of course where possible, may each and every of us find our passion in life and enjoy doing what you do. If possible,contribute back to your family, community or society when you can to make it a much better place.

Have a great Sunday. I hope you had some good memories of today !

Photo taken at Bukit Brown Cemetery

"May we not be just be a memory but be someone who left a lasting impact to society”

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