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Madam Tan Teck Ghee (Bukit Brown)

Nestled in Hill 3 in an area heavily pegged, an indicator that the highway will pass there and soon to be forcibly exhumed is the tomb of Madam Tan Teck Ghee. Her peg number is 2097. One of her daughters married Mr. Ong Peng Hock.

Japanese Koki / Imperial Calender
The tomb of Madam Tan Teck Ghee (Mrs Lim Soon Liang) is unique, as if you look closely at Madam Tan's date of death it states: Died on the 27th December 2603, age 88.

The year 2603 seems strange, but with further insight, this year follows the Japanese Koki Calender or the Japanese Imperial Calender which was said to have begun in 660 BC. In short 2603 would have been 1943 which corresponds with the period where Singapore was occupied by the Japan.

If you observed carefully there are a number of tombs that uses this calender, the most notable one is Mr Lee Hoon Leong (grandfather of Mr Lee Kuan Yew).
Madam Tan Teck Ghee (Madam Lim Soo Liang)
Madam Tan Teck Ghee's husband is Mr Lim Soon Liang. Mr. Lim Soon Liang passed away on May 28, 1926 at his residence in No. 7 Martin Lane at the age of 81. He left behind his widow (Madam Tan Teck Ghee), 4 sons, (Lim Tiam Ek, Lim Tiam Hock, Lim Tiam Siew and Lim Tiam Seng ) , 4 daughters, (Mrs Lee Keng Lin, Mrs Ong Peng Hock, Mrs Chua Yew Hoe and Miss Lim Yeok Sian).  

Ong family connection
Miss Lim Yeok Quan (second daughter) married Mr. Ong Peng Hock (brother of Ong Boon Tat), son of Ong Sam Leong. All of the above mentioned are buried in Bukit Brown.

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