Monday, February 25, 2013

Madam Ho Chwee Neo (Bukit Brown)

Madam Ho Chwee Neo, the first wife of Mr Gan Eng Seng laid peaceful for many years in Hill 2 Division B, of Bukit Brown until the news of 8 lane way highway prompted her descendants to step in to "move house" for her one more time. In today's Strait Times (February 25) obituary section, it was announced that her remains will be exhumed on March 7, 2013.

In memory of Madam Ho Chwee Neo
(source: The Straits Times)

Remembering Madam Ho Chwee Neo (Mrs Gan Eng Seng)
Madam Ho Chwee Neo died on October 25, 1934 at the age of 88 years at her residence in 162 Sims Avenue. She is survived by 2 sons (Gan Tiang Poh and Gan Tiang Kwee) and 4 daughters. Her peg no is 1966. Although soon to be no longer in Bukit Brown, she is not forgotten and is remembered by her descendants and the Bukit Brown community affectionately known as "Brownies".

Madam Ho Chwee Neo

Madam Ho Chwee Neo (seated in the middle)

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