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Chua Keh Hai (Bukit Brown)

Chua Keh Wai  was a secretary of Ho Hong Bank and a shareholder of United Chinese Bank (precursor of United Overseas Bank). He also held various positions such as:
  • Honorary Secretary of Straits Chinese British Association in 1924
  • President of Lion City Club (clubhouse at 54 Nelson Road), 1927,1929
  • Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  • Committee Member, Singapore Chinese Girls School
  • Vice-President, Chinese Association Committee, 1938
  • President, Singapore Badminton Association, 1938
  • Sehnh Chua (Surname Chua) of the Hokkien Community in charge of the Sehnh Chua burial ground in Silat Road.
He was a Municipal Commissioner (1935) and during his time as Commissioner, he was involved in many of the early nation development changes. An example, in 1936, he made a earnest plea for cheaper piped water as this was a basic necessity for all. He was appointed a Justice of Peace in 1937 and received the Coronation Medal in 1937.

Lee Swee Har and Chua Keh Hai


Mr. Chua Keh Hai, J.P, M.C. passed away on January 28, 1939 at his residence in No 13 Adam Road off 4th Mile Dunearn Road at 3:30 pm. He leaves behind his wife, Madam Lee Swe Har (alias Annie Lee), one son, Edward Chua Cheng Hoe, 3 daughters, Chua Poh Neo (Polly), Chua Poh Luan (Dolly) and Poh Ai (Alice). In the tomb, another son was mentioned: Chua Jin Tee.

His wife is Madam Lee Swee Har, daughter of Mr Lee Peck Hock, M.B.E. and Madam Yeo Kim Neo. He is also survived his brother, Dr Chua Chow Teck (son-in law of Mr & Mrs Lim Peng Siang) and a sister Mrs Low Chew Kee

Chua Keh Hai's tomb was one of the rare few if not the only one in Bukit Brown, in which the side panels are inscribed the condolence message from the British Colonial Government, the Secretary for Chinese Affairs, A.B. Jordan and on another corner, the Municipal Secretary, J.H. Goldie. His tomb is located in Hill 4, Section C.

Secretary for Chinese Affairs, Malaya (A.B. Jordan)

Municipal Secretary, J.H. Goldie 

Mr and Mrs Chua Keh Hai (pictures faded) tomb prior to clean up
Mr and Mrs Chua Keh Hai's tomb (picture changed) after clean up 

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