Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bukit Brown roundabout in the past

Passing through the famous cemetery gates, one would arrive to what we know today as the roundabout. This is the area where Nature Society, All things Bukit Brown, API, people who organise activities are likely to meet before heading on their way. You do also see L plate drivers going their rounds around the roundabout to familiarise themselves on wheel control ! On the tarred ground, you will see remains of paper burnings and other offerings as well. This was busy roundabout indeed.

Underneath the shade of the majestic rain tree, this was a lovely place to gather and LTA in their exhumation process, decided naturally they would set up office here as well.

But what was this place used for when Bukit Brown was still a cemetery and there were daily burial processions?

The photo below, sheds some light that there used to a long shaded hut that people would gather prior to actual burials. My suspicion is that is located alongside the rain tree. This photo was taken during the funeral procession of Mr Lim Kim Seng, M.B.E, J.P, the well known Teochew community leader.

Bukit Brown -date 1967 

Go back even further, this rare pictures below , proves that this long shaded huts existed even during 1925, just a few years after the opening of the cemetery in 1922.

At that time, it was the funeral procession of Mdm Sng Sye Chan in 1925. If you have read the earlier blog, Mdm Sng Sye Chan is Mr Lim Kim Seng's mother. Mr Lim Kim Seng's father was not buried in Bukit Brown has he died in China.
taking shelter from the rain in a hut that use to exist in Bukit Brown in 1925
Taking shelter from the rain -Bukit Brown 1925
Bukit Brown 1925
Hut located next to a slope
It was hard to come by photos of Bukit Brown in the past and i thank James for sharing this through me, so that we all can remember.

Bukit Brown roundabout (prior to March 2012)

Bukit Brown roundabout (June 2013)

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